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Man United Financial News

The details behind Manchester United’s brand new sponsorship



Manchester United fans have been given more details on the club’s new training shirt sponsor Tezos.

Supporters can see images from a photoshoot of the players wearing their new gear below:

United secured the deal for around £24m per year and the search for a new partner for Carrington naming rights will begin.

Despite their on-the-field problems, the Red Devils still have remarkable sponsorship power.

This is evidenced by the fact their training kit deal with Tezos is more than some clubs’ main shirt deals such as Lyon and Borussia Dortmund.

It’s also been confirmed the players will wear the newly branded training kit for the first time this weekend.

This should mean that fans will see it in action before the clash with Southampton on the 12th of February.

Cryptocurrency or blockchain firms have crept more and more into football of late and Manchester United are no different with Tezos.

Fans will be hoping the deal can fund much-needed investments for players this summer.

They have been told that Ralf Rangnick could walk away if his advice is not heard by those in charge at Old Trafford.

Supporters have often complained that the club is run like a business rather than a football club but the hope is that this can be the best of both worlds.

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Gary Neville

Gary Neville calls out Manchester United’s Glazers in glorious rant – Man United News And Transfer News




Manchester United legend Gary Neville has called on the Glazers to do four or five things to resolve the issues at the club.

The former defender essentially asked for things fans have long been calling for and there’s no doubt most would agree with what he’s said.

According to the Daily Mail, Neville said: “In terms of the Glazer family, post the Super League they said they were going to communicate with the club, they said they were going to change things.

“They’ve not changed anything at this football club. My view is there’s a problem right at the very top, there is a massive problem.

“I think they’ve had 10 years to prove they can be good football operators at Manchester United, beyond Alex Ferguson and David Gill.

“They’ve proven they can’t do it, they’ve proven they can’t build a successful football club here in Manchester without being propped up by the team Sir Alex Ferguson had and himself being there.

“To me, at this moment in time, the first thing that should happen is they should sell the club.

“Because of the Super League, because of their 10 years of failure without Sir Alex Ferguson, and the team and the squad he had, I think they should go.

“But if they really want to stay, because you can never force the Glazer family to sell, then they’ve got to do four or five things.”

Neville’s suggestions are certainly optimistic and it’s unlikely what he called for will ever really happen under the Glazers.

What fans would at least want is for there to be some form of structure at the club to give the players and manager the best chance of success.

The ever increasing debt probably hurts supporters more than anything else that’s wrong with the club but the Glazers have made it clear they have no plans to ever do anything about it.

Neville asked the controversial owners to stop taking dividends but it would be a surprise if there’s a sudden change in policy now.

The reconstruction of Old Trafford or even rebuilding of it has reportedly been in discussions but again, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the cheapest option is the one the Glazers go for.

It’s true the owners need to do a lot to fix the club but there has been a history of doing the bare minimum and that is unlikely to change until they’re gone.

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Man United Financial News

Manchester United shooting themselves in the foot with transfer strategy – Man United News And Transfer News




Manchester United fans always knew their club was poorly run but a statistic has emerged to prove just how damaging it has been.

There are many aspects to running a club well but one way to ensure the job is being done properly is in player sales.

As can be seen by the graph above, United are bottom of the ‘Big Six’ in profits on player sales with £81m over the past five years.

Chelsea’s £413m pales in comparison and even Tottenham who are the closest ahead of the Red Devils have almost double at £158m.

Fans will hope under Ralf Rangnick these things will change, even if he’s not the manager anymore and is in his advisory role.

There are a few factors to consider in regards to why Manchester United are so poor at selling or offloading players.

One thing to consider is how infrequently the club signs young and high potential players who may have a respectable resale value.

United’s desperate need for immediate success has often meant signing players for the now and that means little to no resale value.

Another factor is how the club delays selling players to the point it becomes harmful to themselves- whether it’s because they leave for free or because they have since declined.

Part of the reason for the delay is because the Red Devils keep on renewing players on higher wage deals making it more difficult to offload them.

Those in charge of the club seem to believe extending a player’s contract somehow protects their value and it ends up backfiring.

It’s clear a lot of things need to change at Manchester United, particularly if they want to clear up their debts.

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Man United Financial News

Manchester United’s poor finances not just down to growing debt – Man United News And Transfer News




Manchester United fans will be shocked to see just how poorly the club perform in regards to player sales.

Supporters have long felt that those in charge have shown bad decision-making in general but particularly in the transfer market too.

The Tweet above shows exactly how United are performing in terms of generating cash from player sales and how that compares to Europe’s elites.

Naturally, as a big club, it can be difficult to offload players as buying clubs know that selling clubs are desperate to get rid.

By default, there’s a power imbalance in negotiations but it’s safe to say the Red Devils are still performing horribly in this regard.

Juventus have made the most in player sales over the past five years, generating an invaluable €563m in total.

Manchester United by comparison sit at a measly €70m which is remarkably poor and shocking, especially when taking into consideration the large amounts of debt they currently have.

If player sales were difficult for top clubs then Juventus, Chelsea, and Barcelona wouldn’t complete the top three in this field.

Much is made of how much Chelsea spend but they certainly can afford to do so if they are generating this much on sales, let alone how much their infamous owner is willing to pump into the club.

United must learn to do better and it’s clear to see that those in charge are making costly decisions that aren’t beneficial for those on the pitch or off it.

If the Glazer family were smart enough to be more greedy with the money the club makes then they would at least hire competent people who can make the right kind of choices.

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