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Ralf Rangnick told to expect Manchester United players ‘confrontation’ – Man United News And Transfer News



Manchester United fans have been given even more insight into the problems Ralf Rangnick is facing in regards to the dressing room.

The former RB Leipzig man has inherited a divided group of players but it seems the problems don’t stop there.

According to Manchester Evening News, the squad are becoming ‘sick to death’ of the drop in standards at United and some of the squad players who haven’t featured much are becoming frustrated.

Sources are said to have made the connection between the negative body language to the team finding themselves going from expected title challengers to top-four hopefuls.

It’s understood some of Jesse Lingard‘s teammates feel he should start ahead of Jadon Sancho due to the latter’s apparent poor form, while Mason Greenwood‘s suggested greediness has ‘riled some teammates’.

Donny van de Beek‘s training performances has also left his colleagues feeling as though he should get more starts than the three he’s gotten so far.

MEN’s sources report that a ‘confrontation’ could be around the corner between some of the players and Rangnick if he doesn’t approve some of their departures this window.

Despite that apparent threat, sources insist United’s transfer business this month will be ‘low-level’.

This overall report from Manchester Evening News seems to be aggressive and exaggerated as it reads as though the players who want to leave threatened Rangnick with a confrontation.

Although there are little doubts that the dressing room is divided and there’s unrest at the club, it’s unlikely to be as big as journalists have made it to be.

Having said that, Rangnick hasn’t been helped by a Covid outbreak and an inability to implement his ideas so far.

It’s likely the unrest will be resolved with some work on the training ground and the January transfer window shutting.

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Anthony Martial

Fans divided over Ralf Rangnick’s war of words with Anthony Martial – Man United News And Transfer News




Manchester United fans have been reacting to the war of words that has broken out between manager Ralf Rangnick and forward Anthony Martial.

Martial has been absent from the matchday squad for some time and his agent announced in early December that he wanted to leave the club in January to get more game time.

With no deal looking close, the situation would appear to have escalated and after yesterday’s 2-2 draw at Aston Villa, Rangnick claimed that Martial had refused to join the matchday squad.

The comments sparked a response on Instagram from the Frenchman late last night, who said ‘I will never refuse to play a match for Man United.

‘I’ve been here for seven years and I never disrespected and will never disrespect the club and the fans.’

Rangnick’s public discussion of private matters with players is becoming more regular. At the pre-match press conference he also criticised Marcus Rashford, saying that the player had ‘room for improvement’.

Fans have been divided in their response to the Martial spat. Some believe Rangnick and think he is right to have named and shamed the 26-year-old, while others believe Martial or think that it should have been handled behind closed doors.

Some of those in support of the manager said:

‘So Ole lied about Martial being hurt and now RR lied about Martial refusing to travel? I think I’ll stick on the side of Ole and RR until evidence is presented.’

‘Can’t see Ralf lying, I think Martial jus trying to duck the heat.’

‘[Would] the ‘manager’ of United speak out in front of the press, on camera, and blatantly lie about a player who clearly doesn’t want to be on the bench and is looking for a move? Not buying it, Martial covering his tracks here.’

‘Martial was exposed heavily by Rangnick and now he’s trying to reduce the damage. No way Rangnick would make a statement like that publicly if it wasn’t true.’

‘It’s hard to believe a footballer nowadays … It’s all PR. Martial never looks like he’s 100% committed. I may be wrong, but him and Pogba seem more like mercenaries to me.’

‘Hhhm who should I believe? [A] guy who’s walked around the pitch for two years and made it clear he wants to leave? Or the new manager trying to restore some order to this out-of-hand team?’

‘Call them out one by one, this tendency of keeping them happy and defending them should the end of the day they are all average.’

Some of those who disagreed with the manager’s comments said:

‘You want a player to keep quiet and watch his manager tell the media that he didn’t want to be in the match day squad? Come on, Martial has been at the club for seven years. The manager got it wrong.’

‘Why is Rangnick sabotaging our boy like this? It’s toxic man, not a good look for the player and the club.’

‘Why does he need to explain himself? He wants to leave due to … not being played so why would he refuse to play? It doesn’t make sense.’

‘Ralf cannot even steady the ship he was as appointed for…man doesn’t want to give other players chances.’

‘German nerd is gonna have to hold it.’

‘We’re actually going to have to sack an interim manager…’

Whatever the case, the war of words has certainly upped the ante as far as a January departure for the Frenchman is concerned. Or, as one fan put it, ‘What Marital has done is smart. It’s already well known that he wants to leave, but it’s seemed unlikely that it would happen.

‘Martial knows full well that creating tension like this would increase the chances of him leaving in January.’

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Aston Villa

Manchester United squad unhappy with ‘outdated and unliked’ Ralf Rangnick – Man United News And Transfer News




Manchester United’s interim manager, Ralf Rangnick seems to be locked in a permanent battle to win over the hearts and minds of the club’s dressing room.

It was recently revealed that up to 11 members of the Reds’ squad are disillusioned with life at Old Trafford and actively looking to quit the club.

The Daily Mirror today reports that Rangnick is an unpopular figure in the United dressing room and that players have serious concerns over his tactics.

A Mirror source with “a close connection” to the squad claims that the 63-year-old is widely regarded as being “outdated and out of his time.”

It’s heavily implied that the source of this bombshell news is a player, with them going on to say of the German, “He is so unpopular, we don’t like him.”

This latest report comes amid a near deluge of worrying stories about the current extent of unrest in the Red Devils’ dressing room.

It’s previously been claimed that the United squad are unhappy with Rangnick’s training methods and struggling to adapt to his tactical demands.

And the latest news will surely undermine United star Cristiano Ronaldo’s appeal for the former RB Leipzig coach to be given time to fully implement his vision at the club.

“He arrived five weeks ago, and he changed many things, but he needs time to put his ideas to the players,” Ronaldo recently told Sky Sports.

“Since he arrived, I think in some points we are better, but he needs time. It’s not that easy to change the mentality of players and the way they play, the system and the culture like that. I believe that he is going to do a good job.”

If this latest report is to be believed, it would appear that certain sections of the playing squad have already made their minds up that Rangnick was the wrong choice to steady the ship until the end of the season.

United fans will be desperately hoping that the club can sweep aside another week of negativity by putting in a decent performance against Aston Villa today.

Another sub-par performance would probably ensure another round of media claims and counter-claims, as the circus around the ailing giant shows little sign of abating.

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Man United Matchday News

Ralf Rangnick criticises Marcus Rashford in shocking press conference – Man United News And Transfer News




Marcus Rashford’s form and work rate was put under scrutiny during Ralf Rangnick’s press conference yesterday ahead of Manchester United’s trip to Aston Villa.

When asked whether he felt his United team have an ‘elite mentality’, Rangnick singled Rashford out for criticism.

‘If one of our players wasn’t giving his very best and putting his all into it, I would address that to him, you can be sure of that,’ he said.

‘So far I haven’t seen that, but still, with the some players they start well and slow off a little.

‘If we speak about Marcus Rashford for example, I think in the first twenty minutes of the game against Aston Villa he was good, on fire and was constantly involved.

‘But then after that, he didn’t play on the same kind of energetic level that he did in the first half-hour.

‘Of course we need to speak about that because he cannot do that regularly.

‘Does he need a helping hand? What does it take?’

The England man looked a dejected figure on Monday, leading to reporters asking the boss whether he should be rested from the team.

‘He is trying to give his very best and he does show that in training,’ the boss replied.

‘There have been a couple of training sessions over the past few weeks when he has performed at the highest level and that is why I always give him the chance to play again.

‘As long as he does that, he will always make my list to be involved within the starting XI. Of course, it’s about showing that on a regular basis and continuously playing at a high level.

‘For him though, like anyone else, there is still room for improvement.’

The manager is taking a risk by singling out a player and questioning his mentality in this way. It could motivate the 24 year old to pull his socks up and show everyone he is committed, but it could have the opposite effect, further undermining his confidence and his happiness.

Whether Rashford will have the opportunity to address the criticism in today’s match against the same opponents will become clear when the team is announced at 4.30pm.

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