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Ralf Rangnick faces first major test with Manchester United dressing room unrest – Man United News And Transfer News



Ralf Rangnick reportedly faces major dressing room unrest with multiple outlets reporting a crisis is unfolding at Manchester United.

According to The Mirror, cliques are said to have formed in the dressing room, with Rangnick facing a battle to unite his unhappy stars.

It’s understood up to 11 players want to leave United, particularly those who have hardly gotten any minutes, even under the German boss.

The Mirror goes as far as claiming the players aren’t pleased with Rangnick’s coaching or his tactics.

A source reportedly said: “It’s not good. The atmosphere is really bad and it looks like there are going to be big problems ahead for United.”

The Sun confirms the dressing room unrest but adds that some players feel more senior teammates have too much influence on Rangnick in regards to the big decisions.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was often accused of playing favourites and it seems the former RB Leipzig man is being accused of the same thing.

The Sun have their own source who said: “The players have their own cliques, one of which is making the others feel like they need to step up a level when it is the whole team that’s struggling.

“The players are demoralised. This is deja vu of the previous years when things went wrong.

“The fans probably think the players are not fit enough to put Rangnick’s plans into action.

“That is so untrue. Certain players have just lost that knack and desire.

“Plus, there is a belief within one section of the squad that some players get selected, regardless of their displays. So everything is a complete shambles.”

The Sun go on to claim Rangnick has a reputation for being ‘aloof and overconfident’, with some players openly stating Tottenham Hotspur’s Antonio Conte should have been appointed instead.

It’s said they expect PSG’s Mauricio Pochettino to be handed the reins in the summer.

According to the Daily Mail, the unrest is being caused by a ‘fringe group’ who don’t understand why they haven’t gotten minutes despite the team’s poor form.

Rangnick is described as ‘cooler’ and ‘more distant’ but is accused of playing favourites still, with the mood at training being described as ‘oppressive’.

The Mail claim up to half the squad is unhappy and senior players openly discuss the group and atmosphere as being the worst they can remember.

One thing the outlet does add is that Solskjaer was asked by some staff why he didn’t expose the players who threw him under the bus but he essentially turned down the idea.

It’s said there was surprise in Germany when Rangnick landed the job and that he has been detached since joining, preferring coach Chris Armas and psychologist Sascha Lense to deal with the dressing room mood.

The Telegraph also confirm the unrest but claim it’s the third of the squad and no more that want to leave.

It’s not just players too, with some coaching staff also keen to leave as another overhaul is expected of the club.

It’s said there’s recognition the Covid outbreak hasn’t helped Rangnick but other clubs have faced the same without such a downfall in performances.

One thing The Telegraph says that’s different to the others is that Rangnick’s stance in not letting players depart could backfire if he hopes to build a united team.

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Anthony Martial

Man United players unhappy with Ralf Rangnick’s video homework, report claims – Man United News And Transfer News




Not everyone is keen to keep the feelgood factor running through Manchester United after the side’s emotional last-gasp victory against West Ham yesterday.

Germany’s biggest-selling sports newspaper, Sport Bild, seems determined to highlight problems within the camp and has published its second controversial exposé of the week.

On Thursday, the outlet claimed that ‘Stars who play little but have a lot of influence in the dressing room are mobilizing against [manager Ralf] Rangnick.

‘The mood killers include Paul Pogba (28), Edinson Cavani (34) and Anthony Martial (26), who has now publicly accused Rangnick of lying because the coach said Martial would not want to play. Rangnick is pushing for a sale for all of them.’

Explosive stuff. But Sport Bild was not finished and yesterday published another article, this time claiming that the players are unhappy with Rangnick because of the videos he gives them to watch.

The team allegedly feel that doing this ‘homework’ takes up too much of their private time.

‘Rangnick and his coaching staff adapt video material to each individual player and also use clips to give them advice and tips on what they can do better,’ Sport Bild says.

‘The goal: Get the best out of the team and save the Red Devils’ season by finishing in the top four.

‘The problem: The additional workload apparently causes displeasure among some of the stars. The analyses, which can sometimes take two hours, makes them feel their free time is restricted.

‘Rangnick had previously upset some of his protégés because he had postponed training from morning to afternoon.

‘And now there’s homework to do.’

The jubilant scenes at the end of yesterday’s game did not speak to a side that lacks harmony and hates its manager.

The player who Rangnick has publicly clashed with, Anthony Martial, could be seen hugging the boss after the game.

Sport Bild’s accusations therefore seems little more than mischief-making at this time.

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Anthony Elanga

Anthony Elanga: Ralf Rangnick trusts Manchester United youngster – Man United News And Transfer News




Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick has clearly been impressed by Anthony Elanga and it looks like it could be a relationship that will flourish.

The academy product has been the latest to break through into the first team and fans have loved what they’ve seen so far.

According to the Daily Mail, Rangnick said: “I must say from the very first day from my first training session, he showed up.

“I had heard his name before and I was in my hotel room watching videos of him on YouTube, I thought this boy was really good.

“He was almost on his way out on loan. I told him: ‘You will not go out on loan, you will stay here.’ He has developed in training.”

According to The Athletic, Rangnick rates Elanga highly, feeling he will out-work every other attacker in the squad and likes his aggression and conviction.

The youngster has also impressed his manager with how attentive and receptive he is to the messages told to him.

Rangnick is said to be confident of what he’ll get from Elanga and that the player studied videos of other top players and did extra work after training, unlike other players.

It’s understood the German boss likes the players he can trust, although the coaches are aware the Swede doesn’t have as much experience as his positional rivals.

His technique reportedly could still do with some more work as well as his control but Rangnick does consider him more direct than Marcus Rashford.

The Englishman was loved when he first burst onto the scene because of his directness and the free spirit younger players tend to play with.

Perhaps Rashford will remember what that was like and regain his best form, especially as United need him.

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Sources reveal both the good and bad influence of Cristiano Ronaldo at Man United – Man United News And Transfer News




The effects of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United have provoked a lot of debate this season, in particular, whether his presence has been disruptive to the rest of the team.

There has been talk of dressing room disharmony and cliques and the player himself has gone on record to criticise younger players.

A tantrum when being substituted against Brentford on Wednesday night did little to douse the flames of controversy.

However, according to The Athletic, sources say the 36-year-old is not a problem at all at Old Trafford, at least where coaching staff are concerned.

‘One coach recently confided that Ronaldo is a “class act” and argued that the player is keeping up his end of the bargain. “It’s the other ones who aren’t,” the source concluded.’

The outlet goes on to say, however, that there may be a disconnect in his relationship with some of his teammates.

‘The Athletic has … been told that several of United’s younger players feel Ronaldo can be difficult to approach, with sources suggesting [Edinson] Cavani, even in broken English, is a more unifying presence.’

The report also claims that inside sources have confirmed the emergence of dressing room cliques, with Cristiano the nucleus of a Portuguese enclave at the club.

‘On a personal level, Ronaldo has naturally blended with Portugal team-mates Diogo Dalot and Fernandes, although several sources have suggested cliques have split the United dressing room.’

Brazilians Fred and Alex Telles are also native Portuguese speakers, although they are not named in the article as being part of the clique.

The article also confirms that Ronaldo’s interview, in which he criticised younger players for a lack of work ethic and willingness to listen to advice, upset some members of the squad but that others felt he was spot on in his criticism.

‘In the United dressing room, Ronaldo’s words were noted and did not go down well with everyone, although The Athletic has learned that at least one high-profile senior player was very supportive of the sentiments echoed by Ronaldo,’ the report states.

‘This player has previously attempted to be nurturing with United’s younger players and came to the conclusion that Ronaldo’s tough love was necessary.’

The wide-reaching article also goes on to look at Ronaldo’s on-pitch influence before concluding that his reunion with United might not be the best fit. The argument is that he should be seen as a ‘cherry on the cake’ type of player, better suited to a team that is dominant and successful and that just needs elevating to a slightly higher level.

‘There are some at United who do believe Ronaldo must start accepting that even he is succumbing to age and has to tweak his playing expectations accordingly,’ the report concludes.

‘In one recent 11-v-11 training drill, for instance, Ronaldo endured a tough time at centre-forward, so Rangnick switched him to left wing. Ronaldo, almost affronted, redoubled his efforts and finished the session strongly.’

Of course, at 36 years of age Ronaldo is not as effective as he was at 26. But it is that kind of defiant, arrogant, determined attitude that has helped to make him one of the world’s greatest ever players.

For all the problems he may (or may not) have brought to the club, that attitude and star quality could inspire United to glory in the Champions League this season, even if the Premier League is already out of reach.

Ronaldo was on United’s winning side in the 2008 final in Moscow. He scored United’s goal and was voted Fans’ man of the match. With the 2022 final also taking place in the Russian capital, what fan cannot close their eyes and picture the ‘siuuuu’ celebration taking place on May 28th?

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