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Isaac Hayden

Hayden sends direct message to incoming Newcastle signings



Isaac Hayden has warned that Newcastle United players won’t be pushed out to make room for new signings

The transfer window has been open for a few days now and many fans are getting excited about the number of players that are being linked with a move to the club, as they are some big named stars

However, Newcastle will have to make room in their 25-man squad for any new arrivals, which means either selling players on, loaning them out or, in a worst case scenario, keeping them on even though they would not be able to play for the first team.

And amid the speculation about players being linked with a move to the club, Hayden has warned that Newcastle United players won’t be pushed out to make room for new signings

“Some players have got contracts,” Hayden told the Beautiful Game Podcast. “If you’ve got a contract and you’ve got three years left, what are they going to do? It’s not like Football Manager where they go, ‘That player’s gone. He’s released’. You can’t do that.

‘They might have kids here, for example. They have got a wife, two kids. The kids are at school. They’re loving it. They’ve got three years left. Suddenly, the club doesn’t want them. It’s not a case where they can just turn around and go, ‘Oh, we don’t want you anymore. Bye’.

“Well, hang on a minute, you’ve got three years left or two years left or whatever it may be. At the end of the day, the fans that don’t see it like that don’t see it from the personal point of view.

“They just see it from a football point of view or a business point of view: ‘Oh, well, that player isn’t playing so he’ll go in January’. But what about his personal side? His kids might be in school. His missus might be settled. They’ve just bought a house. Whatever it is, it’s not going to be a case where it’s that easy to go, ‘The club doesn’t want you anymore. See you later’.

“The club’s going to have to either pay them to go a little bit or….so there’s all these different things that people don’t see or don’t think about when they’re going, ‘Oh, we’re going to have this’.

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