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Armando Broja

Armando Broja must simply be Chelsea’s future and not another club mistake – Talk Chelsea



We’ve all seen it before at Chelsea, too many times for my liking, highly rated young players allowed to leave the club being sold for money, and then the club end up regretting it.

They had Romelu Lukaku as an 18-year old, and ended up signing him back for £100m this summer. Mo Salah was allowed to leave and now he is world class, the same with Kevin De Bruyne. I could be here for sometime naming them all, but we have made some huge errors and it needs to stop.

Talk of Southampton being keen on signing Armando Broja on a permanent deal should not even be entertained by Chelsea for one second, this guy is the future of the club.

Thankfully, most reports are saying that Chelsea are not interested in selling him, as proven reliable insider The Secret Scout told me today on my website, Si & Dan Talk Chelsea.

It was part of an exclusive interview covering many Chelsea related subjects this window.

But on Broja, he said:

“Chelsea want him to stay, but if they did let him go to Southampton in this window, they will include a first refusal option on him, the Southampton owners want him on a permanent deal.”

This tells me that Chelsea have actually even taken a minute to think about a deal here, which they should not be doing in the slightest.

Broja is good enough to play for Chelsea right now and his ceiling is terrifyingly high. He already has it all about his game and looks like a frightening striker for defenders to try and mark. He is a Diego Costa and Nicolas Anelka hybrid and what a compliment that is, it’s not even exaggerated.

I’ve been watching this guy since he was a kid and if we allow him to join Southampton on a permanent deal then it’s over, we might as well close the academy. It will be an absolute disgrace.

I don’t think for one minute that we will sell him though, he is a Chelsea fan and has a long contract with us, the ball is in our court as well as his, and I am sure he would want to stay anyway.

But Chelsea, this is a warning, do NOT make the same mistake with Broja as you have so often done before.

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Armando Broja

Chelsea shouldn’t even be entertaining talks to sell Armando Broja let alone having them – Talk Chelsea




Southampton reportedly want to sign Armando Broja on a permanent deal from Chelsea and more talks will occur this week.

What I want to know though, is why one earth are we even talking to Southampton about a permanent sale? I don’t even care if it is to involve a buyback clause or an option for first refusal, we should not EVEN be entertaining selling him.

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I don’t care WHAT they are putting on the table, there is no way that for even one second we should be thinking about selling Broja. In fact, we should be planning for him as a regular striker in our own squad THIS summer.

Thomas Tuchel liked him in pre-season and clearly sees a future with him, even though he is making sure that nothing is overly played right now.

I’m legitimately furious that Chelsea are even speaking to Southampton about this, absolutely livid. There is nothing that could justify selling Broja, nothing.

He is our player, so instead of going and spending £40m on another attacker in the summer, bring Broja back. For what it’s worth I feel our current attack needs an overhaul anyway so we would have to spend far more, but Broja can save us some cash.

I’d start Broja over Lukaku right now on current form, that says it all.

But other reports claim it is Broja’s family who are pushing a permanent move to Southampton. But he’s a boyhood massive Chelsea fan so all Chelsea need to do is tell him he is in their plans for next season and tell Southampton to go and play with the traffic on the M25.

He is contracted at Chelsea until 2026, the ball is in our court. DO NOT SELL. I cannot stress this enough.

Broja is the future, Broja is Chelsea’s future, and Broja is already a top striker.

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