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Ed Woodward

Matt Judge Resigns As United’s Director Of Football Negotiations



Manchester United News: As reported by The Athletic, Matt Judge has resigned from his post as the director of football negotiator at Manchester United.

He was deciding the right time for his resignation. But, he will be unlikely to play a significant impact in the summer transfer window.

Matt Judge’s resignation could be great news for the fans who are waiting to see a change. The club has seen a number of structural changes, including the resignation of executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.

Till now, Manchester United’s transfer and contract negotiations were handled by Judge. His departure comes after top scouts, Jim Lawlor and Marcel Bout announced their departures from Old Trafford.

Manchester United News: Matt Judge Was Ed Woodward’s ‘Right Hand’

Manchester United News: Matt Judge resigns From His Role As United’s Director Of Football Negotiations

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John Murtough, who formerly worked closely with Judge, is now in charge of the club’s football recruitment strategy. Murtough will be assisted by the club’s recruitment and legal teams.

The appointment of Erik ten Hag as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s permanent successor earlier this month will be crucial to such improvements.

Matt Judge has been a key transfer negotiator at the club. He was also a key person in making contract-related decisions after joining the club in 2012. He started making decisions in United’s transfer dealings from 2014.

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Before joining United, Matt Judge earned a master’s degree in economics and finance from Bristol University. He also worked in investment banking for 13 years.

Ed Woodward rated Matt Judge very highly during his tenure. It was no surprise that he was immediately pushed to a higher role. Matt Judge was said to be the one who contacted agents to see whether players wanted to come.

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Former manager Louis van Gaal referred to Judge as Woodward’s “right hand,” and he has long been one of the most powerful figures at the Premier League club.

He signed numerous players such as Zlatan Ibrahimović, Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, and various others.

Paul Mitchell Could Be The Club’s New Technical Director

Manchester United is trying to sign Paul Mitchell. However, Mitchell’s move to United is nearing completion now.

Manchester United News: Matt Judge resigns From His Role As United’s Director Of Football Negotiations

Mitchell has previously worked with Ralf Rangnick at RB Leipzig and more recently with AS Monaco.

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Rangnick is pushing to sign Mitchell under a new role. United supporters will be hoping that Mitchell will join the club in the coming days. It would help the club’s rebuilding efforts behind the scenes.

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Ed Woodward

Glazers won’t be forced into selling the club amidst protests





Manchester United News: After the latest fan protest, Manchester United says that the Glazer family will not be bullied into selling the club.

However, club security officials and police are concerned that a minority of fans want to create chaos. The fans want to force the glazers to sell the club.

A tiny group of fans known as ‘The 1958’ held a protest at United’s Carrington training site on Friday. The protest was peaceful as they wanted to just let the owners of their presence before Saturday’s game against Norwich.

Greater Manchester Police intelligence has revealed a plan to cause more disruption in the final weeks of the season.

Manchester United News: What happened last time?

Manchester United News: Glazers won't be forced into selling the club amidst protests
Manchester United News: Glazers won’t be forced into selling the club amidst protests

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Last May, hundreds of United supporters descended on Old Trafford. The protest was so large that it caused the match against Liverpool to be postponed.

Several officers were injured, and fans were arrested. The authorities anticipate a similar-sized event might happen again. Officials at Old Trafford are afraid that a vocal minority of United fans is plotting to kick the Glazers out of the game.

They fear that in their attempts to protest the American owners, they would turn to violent unrest once more. Glazers have been unpopular since their £790 million takeover of the club in 2005.

Players’ and important club officials’ homes have been heightened in security, including new Chief Executive Officer Richard Arnold, who is regarded to be a target.

Ed Woodward received a lot of hate

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Many United fans loathed Arnold’s predecessor, former executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward, who was blamed for the club’s nine-year downturn following the retirement of renowned manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

In January 2020, a crowd of fans invaded Woodward’s Cheshire home. The fans caused damage with flares and spray paint in a protest against him and the Glazer family.

What did the United source have to say about it?

The Glazers have no intention of selling the club, according to a senior United source. The owners are hated to the core by the United fans but they remain in control of the club.

“The family has never wavered in their commitment to keeping ownership of United, and nothing has changed as far as the club is aware,” a source added.

“They’ve seen this type of protest before, and while they’d love to have a stronger relationship with United’s entire fan base, they won’t be pushed out by it.”

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“Multi-million dollar plans to redevelop Old Trafford and the training complex. In recent years, it has slipped behind other teams’ facilities.”

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Antonio Conte

Woodward regrets not signing Harry Kane




Manchester United News: Ed Woodward’s tenure at Manchester United has been a failure and there is no doubt about that.

United has spent more than a billion pounds under the outgoing CEO. Even after spending a huge sum of money, they don’t have Premier League or Champions League to show for.

However, according to a recent report by ESPN, the former banker regrets his failure to sign Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane for Manchester United.

He will always feel disappointed for not being able to bring the mercurial striker to Old Trafford when he was in the role of the executive vice-chairman.

Manchester United News: Kane, a priority?

Kane has always been considered as the priority target for Man United. However, they never got close to the striker because Tottenham chairperson Daniel Levy has always been on the throne.

Levy always made sure that the England international is given good contracts at regular intervals. He also made Kane the highest-paid player at the club to make sure he’s not unhappy.

The Tottenham academy graduate was tied down to a huge six-year contract in 2018. If not for this contract, we may have seen Kane signed by City this summer.

However, Kane is not happy with how things are at Tottenham. The club doesn’t have a single trophy in over a decade and Kane wants to be a part of a winning team.

Spurs have appointed former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte to break their trophy duck. However, Manchester United could be in the market for a striker next summer and they might make a try to sign the Tottenham talisman.

Missed Opportunity?

The signing of the mercurial Englishman next summer by United depends on their Champions League qualification. The qualification to the competition is vital to sign any top player.

Tottenham is the direct rival to United for fourth place. If United misses out, it’s curtains for them in the race for Kane forever.

The record English champions had better chances of signing him in the past. However, but Woodward’s lack of knowledge and experience ruined it. It’s been the same story every year where United missed out on top players because of the board’s incapability.

Fresh Start for Red Devils?

The Red Devils have to understand that the transfer market has changed over the years. They will have to improvise and try new things to lure players.

The major reason since United declined since Sir Alex left was, they always thought every top player wants to play for them.

The Old Trafford side has appointed Ralf Rangnick on an interim basis before he takes over the consultant role in the summer. A long-term plan is being put into place and we might see the United of old under Richard Arnold, the new CEO.

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Cesc Fabregas

Manchester United News: Club failed under Woodward




Manchester United News: Many people believe that Woodward has been the problem since his predecessor David Gill and Sir Alex left the club. He has been criticized for years by the fans for not doing a good job at keeping the club successful. Woodward’s legacy at the club is more about sponsorships than trophies.

United was the team to beat when Sir Alex Ferguson left at the end of the 2012-13 season. The standards were set, and Woodward was promoted by the Glazers family.

He was already running United’s supremely successful commercial department, but was asked to run the club on a day-to-day basis.

However, come 2022 and he has understood that selling short space to sponsors and negotiating for the world’s best players and managers are two wholly different responsibilities.

Manchester United News: A ‘horrific’ start to the job

If ESPN sources are to be believed, then Woodward realizes his mistake. He accepts the mistake he made in the first transfer window continues to haunt United today. He accepts that Ferguson’s departure denied him the chance to work with the Genius and learn things from him.

Woodward wanted box office signings to start his Manchester United tenure. However, he ended up with Fellaini for £27.5 million from Everton after Thiago Alcantara’s move to United by vetoed by Moyes.

The naivety of inexperienced Woodward led to more debacles in the transfer market. Ronaldo, Bale, Fabregas, and De Rossi were all linked, but nothing happened as United left were left furious.

Woodward’s reputation arguably never recovered after that. He has managed some good signing in the last few years, but was never able to shake the reputation he got from his first window.

Woodward made a bold claim in 2014. He said that United was simply too powerful commercially to suffer more than a one-season blip, but time has proved otherwise.

Where will United go from here?

Woodward will not be available in any capacity with the club. There are reports of consultancy roles given to him, but sources believe he will take a break. After the break, he will take the next steps in his career.

The former investment hunger to work again in football isn’t over. He resigned from the club after not backing the Super League plans.

According to Mark Ogden, the source says:

“He has friends who support West Ham and Leicester. He just couldn’t throw his weight behind a competition that had no relegation. It would leave clubs like that with no hope of ever competing at the top again.”

The fans might be very happy with the news of Woodward leaving Manchester United, but his departure hurts the Glazers family. The family regards him as the reason for the club’s commercial growth.

Only time will tell where Manchester United will end up under Richard Arnold. However, Arnold’s connection with Woodward is known to all. It will take some time before he asserts his own personality.

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